Sliding door

Invigo Pro

With our sliding glass door, you create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. This allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of your garden and experience the ultimate outdoor feeling!

Unobstructed view

Freedom & protection

Are you looking for a solution to close off your pergola without losing contact with the garden? With the Invigo Pro sliding glass door, you will experience the ultimate feeling of freedom. The glass wall protect you from rain and wind, while you enjoy a panoramic view of your garden. Because a sliding door does not need to open into the room, using it saves an awful lot of space. This allows you to get the most out of your pergola.  


Modular and stylish design

Thanks to its widely compatible design and timeless look, the sliding glass door suits almost every home and pergola.

Built-in low bottom rail 

The bottom rail is only 22 mm high. This creates a barrier-free transition from inside to outside and makes the outdoor space accessible to all.

Simple drainage and cleaning 

We have created enough space for drainage. This ensures that the dirt is drained with the rainwater.

Tailor-made for maximum view

To enjoy the surroundings to the maximum, the glass wall can be opened almost completely, turning your pergola into an extension of your garden. Like our other outdoor living products, the sliding doors are tailor made. This minimises the overlap of the walls and creates an unobstructed view of the garden. 

Strong and wind-resistant panels

10 mm. thick safety glass

The flexible sliding glass doors can be easily opened and closed. So you can open the entire sliding wall in one move. The glass panels are strong, wind-resistant and can take a beating. This is because the doors feature 10-millimetre-thick toughened safety glass. This glass is extremely strong and meets the highest quality requirements (CE marking).  

Customizable panel options

Personalise Invigo Pro

You can fit the sliding glass door seamlessly to your pergola or patio cover. The Invigo Pro is universally designed and fits under almost any pergola. You can choose the number of panels for your sliding glass wall. The sliding wall is available in a 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 8- or 10-piece version.  


From the barrier-free rail system to the designer handle, the quality of the Invigo Pro is visible down to the smallest details. The glass door features a round stainless steel handle. Would you prefer a lockable handle for extra safety? This is also part of the options.  

Technical details

3-, 4-, 5,- 6,- 8- or 10-piece sliding doors
Lower rail height
22 mm.
Distribution of glass elements 
In equal planes 
Loop set
Double runners with 4 wheels per sliding element
Glass overlay
55 mm.
Glass thickness
10 mm.
Standard colours
7 standard RAL colours
Lockable handle
Bottom rail
Clear anodised (E6VOM1) 
CE marking

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Frequently asked questions

What are the key considerations when purchasing a pergola?

A patio pergola is a valuable addition to your home. But how do you find the right, quality patio cover? We list the main points of interest for you:

CE marking

CE marking is mandatory for pergolas and garden rooms. This mark indicates that the product complies with the requirements within the European Economic Area. The letters CE stand for Conformité Européenne, meaning that the products comply with European regulations. Patio covers receive such a quality mark if they meet strict safety and quality requirements. Therefore, always choose a product with CE marking.

Warranty conditions

Always look carefully at the guarantee conditions. With the Qualicoat guarantee label, we offer a 10-year guarantee on the paintwork of our aluminium pergolas. This assures you of a durable product. 

Possibilities for expanding into a garden room

Would you like to extend your pergola into a garden room? Then take this into account when purchasing the patio cover. Ask your dealer whether he supplies sliding doors and window frames in addition to pergolas. 

Positioning of posts

To create spaciousness and views, it is important to position the uprights of the patio cover as far apart as possible. The possibilities vary from one supplier to another. Pallazzo offers the possibility of a free span of the gutter of 7 metres with only 2 posts. 

Gutter sagging

There are legal provisions about how far a gutter may sag. However, it is important to inquire at a point of sale about the sagging of the gutter, as this varies from supplier to supplier. The sagging of the gutter depends on the quality. This is not only important for aesthetic reasons, but also when you want to install a sliding wall under your patio cover. 

The construction

Patio covers are available in all shapes and sizes through various websites, DIY shops and garden centres. But beware: not all patio covers are of the same quality. 

The basic principle of a Pallazzo patio cover is that the post supports the centre of gravity of the gutter in the best possible way. This means that the post or upright, is flush with the back of the gutter. This transfers the force of the gutter load onto the posts, preventing the gutter from tilting. 

Pergola finishing

Ask about the finishing of the roof; are there screws in sight or are they hidden? Naturally, you want the roof to fit in well with the existing situation. That is why it is important to ask about this: are the height and depth variable? In addition, different suppliers offer various types of roofs. Therefore, look carefully at what fits the style of your house. There are also various colour options. 


Choose a supplier with local outlets where you can easily go for expert advice and support even after your purchase. 

What is the warranty on your products?

A pergola is a worthwhile investment that you want to enjoy for many years. With Pallazzo, you are assured of quality, durability and reliability.  

CE marking

Our designer pergolas are not only beautiful, but also of high quality. We guarantee the safety of your patio cover with the CE mark, which is compulsory in Europe. So you can be sure of a product that meets the strictest requirements.

Qualicoat guarantee certificate

We offer no less than a 10-year guarantee on the paintwork of our outdoor living products. This paintwork bears the Qualicoat guarantee label, which stands for durability and colour retention.

Alu Care Set

Your Pallazzo pergola is easy to keep clean with the Alu Care Set. This set is available from our dealers and contains everything you need to keep your patio cover in optimal condition. So you can enjoy your outdoor space to the max with minimal effort.

Static report

All Pallazzo patio covers come with a static report. This can be requested after purchasing your pergola. This static report shows, among other things, to what extent a gutter or roof beam deflects under full snow load. An important document since you are installing a structure at home. 

Where can I see a Pallazzo pergola in real life?

Our products are available through authorised dealers in Europe. Most dealers have showrooms where you can view the different Pallazzo canopies. Visit our dealer page for the nearest showroom in your area.