Experience the joy of outdoor living anytime with a Pallazzo wintergarden! By combining a patio cover with sliding glass walls and side walls, you extend the garden season and create an all-season outdoor living space.

Create year-round comfort

Our custom-made patio covers are the perfect foundation for your wintergarden. Because a wintergarden is more than just a patio cover; it is an enclosed living space that you can use all year round. By choosing a glass, lockable garden room, you can enjoy the outdoors inside in luxury.

Thanks to the sliding glass walls and side walls, you are protected from wind, rain and cold while staying in contact with your garden. On a pleasant, sunny spring day, you effortlessly slide open the glass wall. And a fresh breeze? Then close the wintergarden again with one simple hand movement.


Maximize your pergola’s potential

Any Pallazzo patio pergola can be transformed into a garden room. Our Invigo Pro sliding glass wall is universally designed and fits under almost any pergola. The glass walls can be slid almost completely open, turning the garden room into an extension of your garden.

Complete your garden room with built-in LED spotlights for atmospheric lighting and heaters to enjoy a pleasant and inviting ambience even on chilly days. So you can be sure of year-round comfort and luxury in your own garden room. 

Transform your pergola into a wintergarden with Invigo Pro

With the Invigo Pro slider, you will experience the ultimate feeling of freedom. Expansive glass panels shield you from the elements while showcasing your beautiful garden. Our innovative sliding system creates the perfect balance: a sheltered haven that seamlessly connects you to the outdoors.

Invigo Pro

Sliding glass wall for your pergola.

  • Universal and stylish design 
  • Optimal protection against rain and wind 
  • Complements your pergola 
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Frequently asked questions

Does Pallazzo also sell directly to consumers?

No, our products are only available through authorised dealers. It is a conscious choice not to sell directly to consumers. The purchase of a pergola requires personal advice that often depends on: house style, location, installation options, etc. Pallazzo therefore works with authorised dealers who are trained by us in the field of measurement technology, installation technology, statics, etc. This allows us to deliver the quality you can expect from us, namely expert and professional advice so that you choose the right product for your home. Because Pallazzo manages the production process from design to coating in-house, we can offer you a fair price for our products. 

Where can I see a Pallazzo pergola in real life?

Our products are available through authorised dealers in Europe. Most dealers have showrooms where you can view the different Pallazzo canopies. Visit our dealer page for the nearest showroom in your area.   

What is the warranty on your products?

A pergola is a worthwhile investment that you want to enjoy for many years. With Pallazzo, you are assured of quality, durability and reliability.  

CE marking

Our designer pergolas are not only beautiful, but also of high quality. We guarantee the safety of your patio cover with the CE mark, which is compulsory in Europe. So you can be sure of a product that meets the strictest requirements.

Qualicoat guarantee certificate

We offer no less than a 10-year guarantee on the paintwork of our outdoor living products. This paintwork bears the Qualicoat guarantee label, which stands for durability and colour retention.

Alu Care Set

Your Pallazzo pergola is easy to keep clean with the Alu Care Set. This set is available from our dealers and contains everything you need to keep your patio cover in optimal condition. So you can enjoy your outdoor space to the max with minimal effort.

Static report

All Pallazzo patio covers come with a static report. This can be requested after purchasing your pergola. This static report shows, among other things, to what extent a gutter or roof beam deflects under full snow load. An important document since you are installing a structure at home.