Frequently asked questions

Terrace coverings are available in a number of materials such as wood, plastic and aluminium. Aluminium offers a great deal of advantages; it is durable, easy to maintain, slim line and stylish. Moreover, an aluminium structure is sturdy and stable, thus offering strong resistance against wind and rain. However, there is a considerable difference in the composition of aluminium (alloy) and its finish (coating). You can consult with your supplier on which composition is used, and whether the materials are coated according to Qualicoat. Materials manufactured in Europe usually comply with the requirements set.

Coverings can vary from a simple roof to an exclusive garden room. Deciding what you want is important. Do you want to stay dry and protected in the summer? Or do you want to be able to enjoy a conservatory until well into the autumn? It’s furthermore essential to look at the style of your house. Do you want a modern, classic, or Victorian finish, for instance? What’s more, the choice in colour is endless. Pallazzo terrace coverings and conservatories are available in 7 colours as standard, but all other RAL colours can also be applied.

We recommend you view all the options in a showroom, allowing you to gain a proper picture of what’s available on the market.

Download the step-by-step plan helping you make the right choice here. You can take this plan with you when you’re getting yourself acquainted.


Pallazzo terrace coverings have a CE Marking, which is obligatory in Europe. We furthermore provide a 10-year warranty on the paintwork of our coverings and conservatories, and we are also Qualicoat certified. In addition, all Pallazzo coverings are also fitted with a static, which can be requested after purchasing your terrace covering. Among other things, this static report includes the extent to which a gutter or roof girder sags in the event of full snow load. This is an important document since you’re attaching a structure to your home.

Is not selling directly to consumers a conscious decision? Purchasing a terrace covering requires sound advice which often depends on the style of home, location, installation options, etc. Pallazzo therefore collaborates with accredited dealers whom we train in the field of measurement techniques, installations techniques, statics, etc. This means we you provide you the quality you should expect from us, namely expert and professional advice so that you choose the right product for you house. Since Pallazzo sees to the production process from design to coating, we can offer you a fair price for our products.

Pallazzo offers 7 standard colours. What’s more, nearly all the other Ral colours are also possible. Our accredited Pallazzo dealer will be happy to help you with this using colour samples.

You can choose from a polycarbonate or glass roof. The advantage of glass is the high levels of sunlight. Layered safety glass is always used in Pallazzo coverings to prevent glass panes from falling out. What’s more, glass has an infinite lifespan. Another option is polycarbonate, which the major advantage being that this is a light material, meaning a large span is possible. Polycarbonate allows between 22% and 82% of light through, depending on the thickness of the finish. Pallozzo polycarbonate roof panels have a UV protective coating, which prevents yellowing and ageing.

No, this is simply not possible since the width of glass panes is often smaller than those of polycarbonate panels. Another significant reason is that the covering has in the first instance been calculated for polycarbonate panels, which are lighter than glass.

In most cases no permit is required for installing a terrace covering. Enquire with your local authority concerning requirements.

Pallazzo ONE is a fully insulated conservatory meaning no condensation occurs. The other roofs are not fully insulated, meaning condensation may arise. It is important to provide sufficient ventilation, and our dealer can advise you on this.

Maintenance sets for Pallazzo coverings are available from our dealers.

In the majority of case we recommend having your Pallazzo installed by an accredited dealer, who has the right technical knowledge and tolls for finishing the roof properly. Our dealers are furthermore well trained at the Pallazzo academy.

Visit our dealer page to see which dealer is located near you.

Which foundation is required depends on the type of ground and the finish of the roof. Our dealers can advise you on this using their experience.

A lot of coverings are offered through websites, DIY stores, etc. There are of course differences in material use, finish and design. They are all basically coverings, yet the difference often lies in the detail and in the materials used.

The structure: The basic principle of a Pallazzo roof is that the standard supports the gutter’s centre of gravity as best as possible. This means the post or standard is equal to the rear of the drain, and therefore the force of the drain load is transferred onto the posts, prevent the drain from tilting.

Pallazzo terrace covering, with the gutter’s centre of gravity optimally supported:

Terrace covering X, with the with the centre of gravity bin front of the standard: