Glass sliding doors



Pallazzo INVIGO PRO is a universally designed glass sliding door which converts your patio cover or garden room into a winter garden; And it is unique in that you don’t have to sacrifice the feeling of being in the garden. The doors can be opened completely, whereas, when the glass door is closed, it does not obstruct the view. With the fully-glazed doors and light L-profiles your field of vision is not interrupted so you can become one with your surroundings. The threshold-free INVIGO-rail system adds to that feeling. The low base rails often fitted flush and incorporated between the patio paving, allowing the inside and outside to flow into each other.

The benefits of INVIGO PRO


INVIGO is a universal system and will fit under almost any (patio)cover.

  1. INVIGO PRO’s glass doors slide back almost completely making the conservatory an extension of the garden.
  2. The doors are simple and light to open. Each window section is on double runners. Because of the ‘fittings’, the whole door can be opened in one simple movement.
  3. To get the most out of the surroundings, the sliding sections are tailor-made and there is minimal overlap. Because they are divided symmetrically, your eye is not distracted and you can enjoy an undisturbed view.
  4. The built-in base rail provides an almost threshold-free transition from inside to outside.
  5. The slim side profiles come in seven colours, but almost every RAL colour is available.
  6. INVIGO’s standard version has a stainless-steel round handle. A lockable handle design is also an option.
  7. INVIGO meets the highest quality standards (CE certification) and is fitted by experienced specialists.

Enjoy more beautiful days


There are only a few days of fair weather, while there are three times as many days of sunshine? You could be enjoying so many more of them. When the outdoor temperatures are not very high, you can usually still enjoy the sun if you are sheltered from the wind. And what is nicer than staying in the garden at the end of a hot summer’s day? Protected from the damp, the wind, and the mosquitoes, as the day turns into evening. You can watch the sun set and you feel like you’re in your garden but thanks to the protection of the sliding glass doors you will still be comfortable until late into the night.

Plenty of space has been created for drainage. This allows the dirt to drain out with the rainwater.

The base rail is only 22 mm high and therefore you can create an almost threshold-free transition from inside to outside.

Suitable for 10 mm tempered glass, for more safety